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Brand: Bath and Body Works

Type: Ultra Shea Body Cream

Scent: Sweet Summer Sunset

Notes: juicy pomegranate, golden amber, wild plum berry, summer lychee, sunkissed woods

Release: ??? (Has been in my stash for a while)

Don’t mind the squished looking picture, I review my empties and I squeezed the last bit a little too hard! I’m a big fan of B&BW body creams. I prefer them to the lotion because they are thicker and feel better on my skin. I usually use them in the evenings after I shower, so since I’m asleep I don’t really keep track of how long the scent lasts. This scent was pleasant enough. Not really sure if it met the scent notes though. It was fruity (but I wouldn’t say strongly a particular fruit) with something else kind of musky – maybe the amber or “sunkissed woods”? Not a must have, but didn’t dislike.