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Long time no post, eh? I was away on vacation for the beginning of the month, and getting readjusted to real life for a few days after that. I’ve also been lost in playing Okami, I should be getting the platinum here soon, which has been quite a commitment. But anyway, back to the trip review!

My husband and I took a vacation with my family (parents, brother, sister, and sister’s fiance) to Pawley’s Island, SC. That’s about 30-40 minutes south of Myrtle Beach, and approximately 1.5-2 hours north of Charleston. My parents are planning to retire somewhere in that area in the next 5 years, so it was a combination beach vacation slash scouting trip.

We drove, and arrived on the 4th of July. We checked into the beach house we were renting, which was a short walk from Litchfield Beach. We popped down to the beach to check it out, and then spent some time settling in before going out to dinner. For the first night, we went to a place called Pawley’s Island Tavern. It was extremely hard to find, just had a little mailbox labeled “PIT” on the main road, and then you had to follow a small road back into the woods to get to it. It was supposed to be a pretty popular local place, and the atmosphere was really neat. We ate outside on the patio under strings of lights, and listened to a live music sound check (we weren’t there long enough for them to start playing). Several of us ordered fried shrimp baskets, as we were at the beach, and it was… not good. It was way overcooked, tough, and barely breaded. Pretty disappointing, and we wouldn’t go back. We then went down to Georgetown for their fireworks show, which we got amazing seats for. I experimented with our camera’s manual mode to get some cool shots.


The next several days were mostly spent at the beach. We spent a few hours out there most mornings and then came back for the afternoons to relax. My parents took time in between to make appointments with the realtor. One day we went up to Myrtle Beach to play mini golf, which was fun but HOT. Another night we ate dinner at Moe’s BBQ, which was AMAZING. Make sure to get the pulled pork “Bama style”, with coleslaw and sauce.

One of the days we went down to Charleston, which is a beautiful city. The architecture is just gorgeous, and the waterfront space is so nice to walk along. We even saw a dolphin. We walked through the market area, and did some shopping before ending up at Hyman’s Seafood for dinner. My family had been there a couple times before, but this was my first experience. I ordered a combo that included shrimp, cajun mahi mahi, and a crab cake. I really enjoyed my meal, and their hush puppies were fantastic. I always judge seafood restaurants on their coleslaw and hush puppies. The atmosphere of the place was really cool, and our table was covered with little plaques listing the famous people who had eaten at that particular table. Pretty cool!

DSC_0162 DSC_0166

Our last evening was spent at the Myrtle Beach boardwalk, where we relived a little bit of my dad’s childhood. We went to the arcade, where we played a baseball game for a quarter. It was similar to pinball, only you were trying to whack the ball into the holes marked single, double, triple, and home run, and avoiding the “out” ones. Apparently not much had changed since my dad was a kid, and it was actually pretty fun. My brother set a high score of 21, which was 7 short of the goal needed to win a prize. We walked around a bit, and then got soft serve ice cream. I got vanilla dipped in butterscotch, the husband got peanut butter soft serve. It was a great way to end the trip.


Overall, we had a really good trip, and when my parents retire I can definitely see bringing the grandkids to visit and having a lot to do!