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So I’ll start by saying I’m a PlayStation person through and through. I just don’t care about Xbox. Nintendo is cool, and has some really enjoyable stuff, but I’m way too attached to my trophies and PS games to really play much of that system. I don’t play multiplayer games, or online, so I have 0 interest in any Xbox exclusives. Anything else, is either available on both platforms or is exclusive to PlayStation, which to me makes the choice of systems obvious. I own and use both a PS3 and PS4, plus a Vita that I haven’t played in ages. So every year at E3 I always try to hit up the Sony conference and see what’s coming. Sometimes I check out the individual conferences for Square, etc, but this year I didn’t get to it. I may watch later, but for now I wanted to discuss some highlights of the main conference.


The Last Guardian

Whoa. This is like the mythical beast of PS games, and I was shocked when Sony led off with it. This game is from the developers of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus (full disclosure, I’ve played neither but recognize them as great games and would like to get around to it at some point), and was announced way back in 2009. Since then, it was repeatedly delayed and I think most people pretty much gave up on it, like with so many other games – I’m looking at you, FFXV. But at E3 we got a gameplay trailer that was beautiful. It looks to be a puzzle platformer where you use the guardian to help you move through the levels. I’m definitely planning on checking it out when it’s finally released, probably 2016 at this point.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

Holy crap. This is a new announcement, and it looks freaking amazing. The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay looked really unique. It seemed to be some kind of post apocalyptic RPG, where you are tasked with slaying giant motorized dinosaurs. The demo included killing some smaller enemies, but culminated in a long battle against a huge one, where the main character used a variety of weapons including electric arrows and ropes to hit the dino’s weak spots. It pretty much looked glorious and I definitely am going to be following this. Finally something different than generic shooters and traditional RPGs.


FFVII Remake

Ok, this sent the internet into a complete tizzy. I played FFVII pretty extensively when I was in high school. I never beat it, but I played until basically the end of the second disc, and the third disc is just the final boss battle. I explored the game to collect special items, optional party members, etc, so I feel like I had a pretty good feel for the game. And I love Final Fantasy, so I’m really excited about this. It will allow a new generation of gamers to experience it. I’ve seen a lot of feedback that people are going to be disappointed because it’ll never live up to the hype, but I disagree. In all honesty, I didn’t fully enjoy playing the original… because the graphics are so bad. I appreciate that they were revolutionary for their time, and that it has cultural significance, but it just was so clunky. So I don’t want it to be exactly the same. I’m not a diehard, so I just want a playable version with the important bits from the original.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

I love Uncharted. I think they are great games with an awesome story that are enjoyable to play. I think the dialogue is witty and often hilarious, and I seriously played the Vita version multiple times to pass the hardest difficulty for the platinum. We already knew this game was coming, but it was nice to see more. The demo was pretty funny, they obviously had a few technical issues that caused them to totally reset what was supposed to be their big finale. But I’ll be glad to see Nathan and Sully again soon.

What was your favorite part of E3 2015?