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It’s finally summer. This has been my first year as a teacher with a traditional schedule (previously I taught in a year round program), and I still can’t quite believe that someone allowed me to have a job where I have nine weeks of freedom stretching out before me, during which I still get my regular pay. It is going to be fabulous. I have to say though, teachers definitely deserve it. The job can be incredibly stressful, and depending on your group of kids, absolutely exhausting. I teach a Head Start program in a very troubled and low income school district, and even at preschool age these kids have a lot of challenges. They have a lot of funny, sweet, endearing moments as well, but dealing with behaviors and trying to get uninterested parents to be involved can be challenging. Not to mention the paperwork, which is extensive. Public school teachers also have the aspect of dealing with curriculum that is pushing more and more towards a test instead of general learning. So I definitely feel that teachers deserve the time they have off, especially as we get paid fairly little considering we are educating the future.

I considered getting a job for the summer, but between planned vacations and a few scattered professional development days, I don’t really have a solid stretch of time to dedicate to working. So ultimately I decided against it, though I do have a couple of things lined up to make a bit of money, and am open for babysitting on occasion. I’m also planning to look into ways that I can make a little bit of money from home while I have the time, but mostly I’m just going to relax and enjoy it. I’m planning out a lot of free activities I can do, because my greatest worry is that I’ll end up spending more money while at home than I did during the school year. So far, I plan to go to the gym, the pool, the amusement park, the library, and spend time at home keeping up with the chores, reading, watching Netflix, and playing video games. I’ll also probably spend more time with family than I usually am able to. All of those places are either free or we have season passes for. I’m hoping to mostly get in better shape and catch up on my gaming!

This should lead to more blogging as well. If anyone has any ideas about making money at home or free summer activities, let me know!