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I love traveling, and spend a lot of time trying to find weekend destinations that are interesting and reasonably close. I like checking out new cities, trying new restaurants, and looking into the top attractions on TripAdvisor. This time, the destination was selected by the fact that one of our close friends moved there last June, and we had yet to visit. So when we had a long weekend over Easter, we took two days to drive up there and look around.

Day One:

We arrived and headed straight to our friend’s house to see where she was living now. Fort Wayne encompasses a surprisingly large area, and we had to drive for about 15 minutes after exiting the highway to get to her part of town. She lives in an area of charming mismatched Victorians rowhouses, many of which have been converted into multi-family homes. From there we walked about a mile to get to Shigs in Pit, the barbeque place she had recommended for lunch.


If you are ever in the area, GO HERE! This was AMAZING. I got the one meat platter, and chose burnt ends. These were little cubes of pork that were absolutely tender and flavorful. I got two sides, and chose coleslaw and corn spoon bread. The coleslaw was good, and the corn spoon bread was like a cross between cornbread and corn pudding, and was so good. They have house made barbeque sauces to add, and I tried some of my husband’s brisket as well. SO good.


Next we stopped by a Mexican bakery to buy some pastries for dessert. This place was really neat, you went around with tongs and a tray and picked what you wanted to buy. We picked out eight things and paid a little over $6. It was all very fresh and the people were very friendly. Definitely somewhere to go if you want something sweet that is a little different.

We spent the rest of the day walking/driving around and catching up with our friend. We saw some cool architecture, and some weird things like this house.


For dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant near our hotel called Asakusa. Our friend and I split the dinner for two, where we each got a salad, soup, rice, entree, and sushi roll for a total of $25. It was a fantastic deal, and we got way too much food. My husband stuck with sushi, and we all agreed that their Texas roll was one of the best rolls we’ve ever had. It included tempura tuna, avocado, kani, and “Texas sauce”. The menu was really easy to navigate and you knew exactly what you were getting.


Day Two:

The second day we slept in and had a bit of a lazy morning. We ate leftovers for lunch and eventually headed out to do some shopping. My husband decided he wanted to see if he could manage with only a flip phone as opposed to the iPhone he typically uses. So we went to a few stores until he finally found one with a plan he likes. We’ve now made it about two weeks and he’s still going strong. But that’s a story for another post.

Eventually, we ended up at the mall where our friend works. It was called Jefferson Pointe, and it’s a really nice outdoor mall featuring everything from department stores to a movie theater. It was really pleasant to walk around, and we spent quite a bit of time in Clem’s of Fort Wayne, a board gaming store. This is where we purchased Flash Point, the game I reviewed in a previous post. We also tried a gourmet peanut butter and jelly chocolate at DeBrand Fine Chocolates, which was amazing.

We had plans to go bowling next, but unfortunately I came down with a stomach bug shortly after and wasn’t able to do much else. My mother is convinced that I was suffering from listeria as I had consumed some of the recalled Sabra hummus, but I’m not so sure. Whatever it was, it cut our trip a bit short, but I still really enjoyed checking out what Fort Wayne had to offer! I definitely would go back, hopefully later in the season when their popular zoo is open!