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Title: Flash Point

Number of Players: 1-6

Play time: 30-60 minutes

Rating: 8/10

Flash Point is a cooperative strategy game where players work together to save victims from a burning building. All players can win together by rescuing 7 victims, or all lose together by losing too many victims or collapsing the building. It is very similar to the game Pandemic, for those who have played that. Each turn, players have four action points that can be used for various things such as navigating around the board, opening doors, putting out fires, or rescuing victims from the building. Each turn, players are also required to roll the dice to progress the fire throughout the building. The twist comes if you expand the fire on a space where fire already exists. This can cause an explosion, radiating shockwaves in all four directions, causing damage, more fire, and even having the potential to knock out victims or players.

My husband and I have played this game with both two and three players. With two players, the game was a good mixture of fun and challenging. We actually lost the first two times we played, as excessive explosions did too much damage and caused the building to collapse. Eventually we were able to win by finding a good balance between extinguishing fires and rescuing victims. When we played with 3 players, the game became almost too easy. The fire hardly spread because there were enough of us to keep it under control while still rescuing victims. We only played with 3 once, so I’m not sure if we just had a boring combination of die rolls, or whether this is par for the course.

So far, we have only played the beginner version, though in the instruction booklet there is a more advanced version which brings new game elements and rules to the board. Now that we have a good handle on the base rules, we plan to try the advanced version in the near future. Hopefully that will make things more interesting for a 3 person game. Overall, I really enjoyed this game, particularly the cooperative aspect. I would definitely recommend it as it has pretty high replay value and the concept is just really neat.